Spinni, an electronic music organization, has been the ambassador for electronic music in the Tampere university community for 23 years and gained reputation in the local scene. To celebrate this anniversary Spinni welcomes all friends of techno & house to party with us to the Olympia on Saturday, 30 November!

Iconic event campus at the heart of Tampere, The Olympia Quarter, is filled with visuals, hundreds of fellow ravers, artists originating from Spinni and a few foreign maestros from the heartlands of the genre!

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22:00 Röökihaus

Röökihaus is a DJ crew based in Tampere, whose sets include groovy dancefloor hitters, some lo-fi house and future classics in a tight blend. Give a listen to their Röökihaus blends on Mixcloud and you’ll notice the music makes your feet move within two minutes. Röökihaus will open the stage in Olympia and give smooth pace for the night. GALLOP AND MEINING!

23:30 Miikka S

One third of the revving Porsche engine that is the music blog / club night Tampere Hotline. Miikka S will host a sleek plane for the booty shake, till it's time to prepare the deep dive for the night’s main artists.

00:30 Vril

Vril, based in Hannover, is a low-key techno artist who delivers his message simply and powerfully. You won't have noticed significant shifts in his style since he started releasing under the name in 2010. His sound is a search for the evergoing movement, exploring a never stopping energy. Once he catches you in his groove, it will shine so bright you won’t be able to escape it.

Tales of his live sets being heard at the Fusion Festival and the Berghain all share the same common feature, that it was an as euphoric as energetic travel in sound. In the end of November we can witness his live set in Olympia.

01:30 Shed

René Pawlowitz aka Shed is a man of action, a living example how to reinvent oneself again and again within the boundaries of electronic music. At the same time, Shed does not follow shallow trends. The Berlin-based producer firmly believes in the power of techno music. René’s releases under his monikers Head High, EQD, The Higher and Hoover1 - just to name a few - are magnificent example how one human being can push boundaries more further and further. 

Shed’s next album Oderbruch lands on November 29 via Ostgut Ton, just the day before S23. The album is an ode to his hometown, where René grew up and continues to split his time when not in Berlin. Now we are more than happy to bring Shed to Tampere, Spinni’s hometown.


of November

10 pm

Doors open

3.30 am

Closing time


Olympia is part of the Olympia Quarter event campus at the heart of Tampere which is not affiliated with any of the big retail or restaurant chains. Its contemporary atmosphere is based on current cultural phenomena, varied and delicious food, a wide selection of quality drinks, and pleasant, customer-oriented service. Olympia is a traditional yet topical and diverse cultural venue, which served as a cinema for almost 70 years.

An essential part of the Olympia Quarter is restaurant Muusa. Muusa’s greatest strength is its versatility. Dishes vary from small bites to full meals for both vegans and non-vegans. Its high-quality drink selection includes old classics and inspiring new wines and cocktails. A selection of almost 20 tap products keeps those thirsty for liquid refreshment and variety happy.

Satakunnankatu 10

and Spinni Club Room

13 €

Advance ticket

16 €

At the door

3 €